Customer satisfaction / CX

Customer satisfaction / CX

Mustard was built on delivering customer satisfaction and service quality benchmarking research for our clients and it has remained at the heart of our business ever since. We can draw on over 25 years’ experience of designing, managing and conducting ad hoc studies and continuous programmes for organisations across a range of sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

Why use Customer satisfaction / CX?

Ultimately our focus is on delivering insight that will allow you to review service performance, improve the customer experience, and make improvements in the key areas that will boost satisfaction, retention and advocacy levels. We do not offer a branded ‘off-the shelf’ approach. Each study and programme is bespoke, reflecting the different needs of our clients, their industries, the competitive environment, brand considerations, the service ethos, their customers and channels of engagement. Flexibility is critical.

BR face to face

Our customer satisfaction programmes have covered both consumer and b2b, for businesses with a customer base running into the millions to those with less than 30 clients globally. We come with no pre-conceived ideas – our solution is always developed following a process of review and consultation. Whether your focus is on overall satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort, competitor benchmarking or driver analysis, we can advise and help to develop the right model for you.

We use quantitative and qualitative research techniques to better understand customer experiences. Sophisticated projective techniques allow us to understand the emotions of the customer experience, allowing our clients to deliver more empathetic service and communications at each touch-point. Our Pickles app for Smartphone ethnography provides us with live reporting of customer experiences.

Cx mapping

We have helped clients to map and understand all stages of the customer journey (from awareness and enquiry to delivery and beyond) – and key pinch points for delivering exceptional customer service experiences. We map what customers say actually happens against what customers think should happen (and what clients say should happen) – capturing the emotional requirements as well as the rational and practical.

Analysis and dissemination is critical to identifying key areas for improvement and ensuring that action is taken based on the findings. Mustard has a strong analytical capability within the team, so can use the right statistical techniques where they will add value.

In terms of dissemination:

  • We produce clear and insightful reports, mostly using a storyboard approach and format so that the reader can easily digest and understand the key findings.
  • We can share results with clients in real time through a secure online portal allowing clients to monitor results on key measures, analyse differences by segment, and even view full survey transcripts from customers
  • We facilitate workshops to develop action plans based on the findings to improve service levels
  • We conduct filmed interviews with customers to ‘bring to life’ key issues for our clients to address

How a customer satisfaction tracker helped Curo Homes

Mustard have run Curo’s customer satisfaction tracker for three years, helping the housing association to identify strengths and weaknesses in its customer journey and develop new initiatives to improve customer satisfaction.

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