Financial Services

Financial services

Having worked with so many different types of bank, building society, insurance providers and intermediaries, we have also consulted with a broad and diverse array of audiences. We have researched industry staff, SME’s, social enterprises, journalists, opinion formers and brokers. In terms of consumers, we have targeted the High Net Worth as well as the financially disadvantaged and all age ranges (from students to retirees).

Financial services research expertise

Product and Concept testing

We have delivered many projects that have helped develop, launch and improve a range of financial services products. We have researched current accounts, loans, savings and investments, mortgages, credit cards, invoice finance, business / commercial finance, plus various personal and commercial insurance lines.

Customer satisfaction and CX

We have delivered several customer satisfaction trackers for financial services clients. These have included consumer and b2b programmes. We have explored the factors that can drive or influence satisfaction at various key journey stages – e.g. satisfaction across claims / renewals journeys for insurers, understanding the aggregator journey / experience and understanding drivers behind current account dormancy.

Brand research

We have delivered a range of qualitative and quantitative studies for FS clients. We helped insurer RSA with its global rebrand – delivering a 9-market programme (including quantitative and qualitative elements) 6 weeks ahead of the Leadership Conference. We have delivered research to help inform brand strategy and positioning (before and after mergers / acquisitions), informing decisions on whether to launch / re-launch sub-brands.

Communications development / testing

Mustard has delivered many projects to help financial services clients design and optimise communications – ensuring key literature is tested for being compliant with the principles of “Treating Customers Fairly”. We have used qualitative and quantitative techniques to test and measure understanding of things like statements, schedules, policy documents, FAQs, etc.


We have delivered several segmentation programmes for clients in the sector. These have included full market segmentations (e.g. the UK credit card market), as well as specific audience segmentations (e.g. the “at retirement” market).

Online communities

We have delivered a 12 month online community including financially disadvantaged people. This included various discussion threads, tasks and video diaries, including the renowned “save £100 per month” challenge. We have also delivered shorter-term “pop-up” communities and forums related to specific product areas (e.g. car insurance, credit cards, etc.).

How global brand research helped Royal & SunAlliance re-position as RSA

Mustard was instrumental in helping Royal & SunAlliance to re-brand as RSA globally and validate the brand proposition to inform its future direction and positioning.

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