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Focus groups are very much a “traditional” research method, but they retain an important place in the market researcher’s toolbox. Focus groups allow us to create a collaborative research environment that promotes debate, consideration and co-creation. We can observe and understand responses to a broad range of stimuli, and can use techniques to challenge respondents and cut through to the sub-conscious and more deep-seated opinions.

Our experienced moderators are adept at managing group dynamics – encouraging quieter and managing the more dominant respondents. Behind every good moderator is a carefully constructed discussion guide – with flow, creative exercises and flexibility built in. Our focus group discussion solutions often involve much more than just discussion. Projective techniques provide us with deeper understanding. Individual and paired activities within the session help us avoid “group bias”.

Our traditional focus group offer is enhanced by a series of bolt-ons and variations which can be deployed as appropriate. Including:

  • Pre-group homeworks / tasks – e.g. online / offline diaries, scrapbooks and tasks; adding context to discussions and saving valuable time
  • Mini-groups – fewer respondents (4-5) allow for greater depth and understanding of individual circumstances
  • Conflict groups – recruitment profiles designed specifically to focus on conflicting attitudes and behaviours
  • Mutual-understanding sessions – involving the client directly
  • Reconvened groups – respondents meet again to continue discussions or to provide comments on how products, services, communications etc. have improved
Focus Group Experience

The Mustard team has recruited, moderated, analysed and reported on more than a thousand focus group discussions – around the world. We could write a book on some of the things we have seen and heard (but would not wish to contravene our industry code of conduct!). To say the audiences and subjects have been broad would be an understatement. One week we’re discussing cupcakes, the next it’s social care services.

How Focus Groups helped The Workshop

Mustard was commissioned by the Workshop to explore betting behaviour and attitudes, with the ultimate aim of increasing sign up rates and revenue potential amongst its portfolio of online Sportsbook clients

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