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These days the majority of the quantitative research programmes we deliver involve conducting online surveys. Some of these will involve us inviting people to take part via email (using client lists). In other instances we source willing participants (in markets around the world) from list providers and panels. In most cases, online surveys are the most attractive option as they are both quick and cost effective.

We have expertise in survey design, scripting and analysis:

  • Deciding on the most appropriate question format, wording and flow takes years of experience. We have all seen truly awful examples of DIY survey monkey efforts land in our inboxes. The idiom “garbage in, garbage out” was made for these.
  • Mustard uses the industry leading platform Confirmit for the design of its online surveys. We ensure our online surveys are easy to fill in (with minimum scrolling), visually appealing, and (where possible) interactive – so it is much more than a tick-box exercise.
  • We design surveys so they are compatible with (and tested on) multiple devices – around 50% of panellists will prefer to use a mobile device to complete a survey.
  • We also take data integrity very seriously. We time all surveys completed and remove all “speeders”, “straight-liners” and any people writing nonsensical comments in free-text questions.
Online surveys results

Did we mention we do lots of online surveys? The total number of surveys we delivered doubled from 2014 to 2105, and we have received almost 100,000 completed surveys in the last 2 years.

How online surveys helped London Business School

Mustard has undertaken extensive online surveys amongst key stakeholder groups to better understand its brand strengths relative to other schools.

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