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In addition to the “extended” online communities we also deliver shorter term pop up communities – or online forums. They contain all of the same features and benefits of a standard online community, but will run for (typically) just 2-4 weeks. Discussion threads are designed to align with the project objectives – and the feedback is fast, deliberative and detailed.

This approach affords several benefits over other qualitative research methods (such as focus groups):

  • Greater levels of engagement
  • Thinking time for participants, researchers and clients
  • Flexibility to amend discussions throughout fieldwork period
  • Ability to easily update and download videos and photos
  • Provides a more considered and open response, especially around sensitive issues
  • It delivers the “best of both” – discussion and debate (like groups) and an ability to drill down to understand the individual (like depths)
  • Provides scope for a broader geographical coverage
pop up results

We have used shorter online forums  / pop-up communities for a vast array of projects – including recent studies that have helped clients understand declining NPS scores, shape and re-define propositions, understand behaviours (including barriers to purchase), design campaigns, test communications messaging, redesign literature (e.g. invoices), identify NPD opportunities, understand brand perceptions (including customers and non-customers) and to test products.

How Mustard has helped Tangle Teezer

Mustard has used its “pop-up” communities to help the successful haircare brand Tangle Teezer launch several new products.

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