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“Popcorn” is Mustard’s 3-stage innovation process. It is an approach that has helped our clients identify new product and service opportunities in consumer and B2B markets, by using exploratory qualitative methods (like ethnography and communities), co-creation workshops and benchmarking surveys.

The Popcorn 3-stage process is as follows:

Stage 1: Harvesting: We use creative techniques (like ethnography, observations and online communities) to provide an intricate understanding of lives and experiences of key audiences – gathering and collecting clues by understanding their behaviours, motivations, unmet needs, frustrations and coping mechanisms. Our expert researchers interpret insights alongside our understanding of cross-sector trends to present priorities and opportunities – i.e. what needs fixing.

Stage 2: POP!: Facilitated workshops with cross-functional teams, partners and customers. Teams share ideas for fixing problems in an energetic off-site session. Our clients are amazed by the volume and quality of new ideas and solutions emanating from the workshops, using the classic “funnel” approach. All ideas on brand, on strategy and commercially viable.

Stage 3: Serve: Determining and deciding which are the winning ideas to take forward for further development and road-mapping. We re-engage with qualitative research participants to help make things real. Discussing ideas in the contexts where the needs and frustrations occur. Exploring and “laddering” the rational and emotional benefits associated with each. We use surveys to measure and test appeal, consideration / likelihood to buy and price sensitivity, understanding the impact on attitudes, brand perceptions and behaviours.

generates growth

Mustard has used the Popcorn approach for clients in diverse consumer and B2B sectors – with audiences ranging from healthcare professionals to builders. The needs-busting approach helps fix things that customers and prospects didn’t realise were broken. It solves problems, builds brand momentum and generates growth.

How Popcorn helped Jewson / Lafarge Tarmac

Mustard helped Jewson and Lafarge Tarmac to identify commercially viable NPD opportunities within the bagged cement category using our Popcorn approach to innovation generation.

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