Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement means involving key audiences in decision making processes. Our broad range of research and consultation services help organisations engage with and stay close to customers / service users, prospects, internal clients, employees, influencers and opinion formers, as well as other “hard-to-reach” groups.

Why use Stakeholder engagement?

We achieve our results by ensuring the consultation is truly engaging and that participation is meaningful to those involved. We use methods appropriate to the audience and provide assurances that contributions will influence decision making. We also excel at ensuring insight is engaging for those who will use and act on the findings – hence the increasing use of film-based and online reporting, as well as dissemination workshops.

SE online panels

Online research communities and panels provide immediate access to insight through our engaging, interactive portals – suitable for b2b or consumer audiences, public and private sectors. We have delivered several ongoing communities, as well as many more short-term “pop up” communities for FMCG businesses, retailers, utilities, insurers, technology firms, credit card companies and care service providers. They are flexible, build deeper understanding and offer the “best of both” – group discussion plus understanding of the individual (as well as the broadest geographic and demographic coverage).

It is a statutory requirement for some organisations (such as regulators) to engage with and listen to stakeholders in the shaping of priorities and decision-making. We have delivered both structured and semi-structured stakeholder surveys using phone, face-to-face, online and postal methods. Our clients have included The Law Society, Dudley Public Health, plus many sector skills councils and other public sector bodies / agencies.

SE Audience

We engage with senior audiences such as opinion formers and influencers. Recently these have included MPs, service commissioners, community groups, C-suite executives, and a regular survey conducted with journalists on behalf of one of the world’s biggest insurance companies.

Our Brand Alignment Monitor programmes often include surveys with staff to ascertain how internal stakeholders believe the organisation is delivering against its vision and values across various touch-points. We often liaise with internal audiences during the “immersion” phase of exploratory projects, and have also delivered large-scale staff surveys and qualitative consultation for other clients in the public and private sectors, providing insight into satisfaction, optimism and loyalty as well as assessments of communications, team working and management styles.

Hard to reach

With strong public sector experience, Mustard can engage with harder-to-reach groups (researching younger people, older people, offenders, people from BAME backgrounds, people with a disability, etc.). By engaging, understanding and giving a voice to hard-to-reach members of society, we have helped our clients to develop inclusive polices and services. We are also able to engage with High Net Worth audiences, and have done so recently for clients in financial services and retail.

How desk research / stakeholder consultation helped our client shape the future of the call centre

A strategic piece of multi-country exploratory research was conducted on behalf of the UK’s leading market player in Call Tracking and Intelligence.

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