Research Manager

Alicia Welbourne

Alicia joined Mustard in 2019 with a mixed background from over six years in research and consultancy.

She brings diverse experience to the team, having previously utilised a range of traditional and innovative methods across the retail/FMCG, healthcare, social and manufacturing sectors during her previous roles with Join The Dots, Ice Creates and Inventya.


Alicia has a MEnt in Business and BSocSc (Hons) Sociology from the University of Manchester.

Currently loving

  •  • The 2020 Crossfit Open (Sigmundsdottir for the win!!) • Cosy winter evenings – any excuse for a hot chocolate • Getting to start my Christmas tradition of re-reading all of the Harry Potter books!

Currently sick of

  • • Having wedding blues (although the constant social media spam is helping) • Dark mornings and frozen windscreens • Bumbling Boris making us look like a nation of fools!!