Managing Director

Colin Auton

About Colin

Colin joined us in 1992, and aside from a two year stint client-side within the Bank of Scotland Group, has been with us ever since. He took over as our managing director in 2010.

He works at a senior level with major brands across a broad range of sectors to turn insights into strategic actions, with particular expertise in customer satisfaction and brand measurement.

Colin is MBA qualified with a Postgraduate degree in Marketing, a full member of the Market Research Society and CIM Chartered Marketer.

Currently loving

• The return of the light nights • Race Across the World (gutted it’s finished – great programme!) • A House Through Time • Line of Duty (who isn’t!)

Currently sick of

• Watching too much telly • The roadworks in Manchester City Centre • Politicians / Brexit (who isn’t) • Things going wrong with my car just as I’m due to hand it back