Senior Research Executive

Laura James

Laura became part of the Mustard team in 2017 after re-locating back to Manchester.


Before this, Laura was a qualitative research assistant at Directions Research & Marketing, and also an intern within The University of Huddersfield where she delivered a programme of qualitative research to help improve student satisfaction.


Laura had previously graduated from the same institution with a BSc Psychology in 2014.

Currently loving

• The US Office – easy-to-watch comedy is all I can bear at the moment!  • Seeing my workmates at Friday’s virtual Mustard Arms  • The Masked Singer – it’s cheesy, bonkers and totally ridiculous but I love it

Currently sick of 

 •  That it’s felt like Groundhog Day for 10 months and counting   • That my grumpy no-fun partner won’t watch Masked Singer with me and I can’t go to my mum’s to watch it with her because LOCKDOWN