Research Executive

Molly Hilton

About Molly

Molly joined Mustard in the summer of 2018 after graduating from Lancaster University with a First Class degree in History.

She was inspired to pursue a career in market research during her studies to enable her to employ her skills in researching, analysing, writing and communication.

Molly has quickly become a key part of the Mustard team, supporting the delivery of projects across the leisure & tourism, retail, financial services and healthcare sectors.

Currently loving

  • Dexter’s days in the office • Autumnal weather which means we’re getting close to Christmas • Weekly GBBO office baking  • Westlife tickets booked!

Currently sick of

  • Being so far away from home and my dogs in Wales • Train delays…everyday!! • Paying full price for clothes now I no longer have student discount • Having to wait an age for Peaky Blinders season 5