Richard Walker

About Richard

Richard has over 20 years agency experience and joined Mustard as a director in 2008 with responsibility for our brand and marketing.

He is passionate about using innovative and creative methods to make a difference for our clients, specialising in customer and market segmentations, new product development and behavioural research.

Previously a board director at Nunwood where he established a film production division, Richard is a specialist in the effective dissemination of insights to drive strategic decision making.

Currently loving

 • Homemade soups  • Excelling at Fantasy PL now I’ve put my mind to it • Podcast commutes  • Gunny (an “in” joke that won’t be explained)

Currently sick of 

• Many closed pavements around Manchester because of building work • People parking on pavements • Splashback from broken paving stones  • Coronavirus

Articles by Richard

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