Data Executive

Ryan Sherratt

About Ryan


Ryan joined Mustard in 2016 to provide data support to the research team.

Whilst at Mustard, he has completed an Advanced Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web & Telecoms in order to become qualified as a Level 3 IT Business Analyst.

Ryan is a data-team lead on the effective delivery of our quantitative projects through scripting of online, CATI and CAPI surveys, verifying outputs and the production of tables using our Confirmit platform. He is also responsible for overseeing data team resource and is the lead on survey visuals and implementation of responsive design features

Currently loving

• Reading ‘Shine’ by Andy Cope and Gavin Oattes • Sleep • Mango & apple yoghurt • My new desktop cactus


Currently sick of

• The cold • Struggling to save for a holiday / driving lessons