Transport and travel

Mustard has wide ranging experience working in the transport and travel sector.  We’ve conducted qualitative and quantitative research projects to evaluate passengers’ journey experiences, monitor customer satisfaction levels, and test creative concepts for marketing campaigns. More recently, we’ve been commissioned by a leading transport authority to develop and manage a long-term online community to elicit views on a range of themes, In particular, focusing on the future of mobility and connecting people to ensure economic success and social cohesion, whilst also addressing environmental and personal health objectives. We have also started working with another authority to better understand changes in travel attitudes and behaviour post COVID-19 amongst its priority target audiences.

Travel & Transport research expertise

U&A (needs and behaviour)

Keolis commissioned research to inform a tender for the operation / maintenance of the Metrolink tram network, focused on understanding user experiences and perceptions of the service. We used a mixed method approach, including focus groups, social media monitoring, interviews with disabled users, and a large quantitative survey, conducted f2f across the network. With an insight-led and differentiated bid proposal, Keolis was awarded the contract to run the network.

Comms development / testing

Highways England launched a marketing campaign in the North West focused on reducing ‘lane hogging’ on motorways. We completed a number of waves of surveying across multiple locations along the M62. The first ‘pre-campaign’ wave quantified existing attitudes and behaviours in relation to motorway driving behaviour. We then completed further waves following the campaign to evaluate the influence and impact of the campaign, specifically in relation to behavioural change.

Brand research

Wightlink provides ferry services from the UK mainland to the Isle of Wight. It competes with two other operators on the same routes. We completed research amongst residents and mainland visitors to provide an understanding of brand awareness and perceptions, and also to qualify customer needs and behaviours. The findings informed Wightlink’s strategy to retain existing customers, gain share from other ports and operators, and manage risks related to other initiatives.

Product and concept testing

Mustard has also been commissioned to test a new travel ticket concept (on behalf of Stagecoach) including both qualitative research and quantitative research to initially assist with the creative development.

Online communities

We have been commissioned to build and develop a long-term online community platform and provide consultancy services for the Transport for West Midlands Future Transport Zone (FTZ) Programme 2020-2023. The community will go live in November 2020 and will put thousands of West Midlands residents at the heart of decisions in relation to future transport strategy.

How U&A research helped Keolis win the Manchester Metrolink contract

Keolis partnered with Mustard to help improved local knowledge and get a more in-depth understanding of users’ and non-users’ experiences and perceptions of the Manchester Metrolink service.

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