U&A (needs and behaviours)

U&A (needs and behaviours)

“U&A” research is a specific type of research project related to understanding why and how people use products and services, and what they think of them. The “U” means “Usage” and the “A” means “Attitudes”, but such programmes will often include things like awareness, understanding, behaviours, needs and motivations, etc. It will often provide insight on where and why people are buying / making decisions – and the factors influencing those decisions.

Why use U&A research?

Mustard has delivered U&A surveys across many sectors, categories and products. The focus on understanding behaviour (and the factors that drive behaviour) means we have done many such studies in leisure – understanding the different needs, behaviours and perceptions of visitors / customers versus prospects, with a focus on trying to positively influence future behaviour e.g. repeat visits.

UA lens

When analysing and interpreting data, we ground our approach in theories such as behavioural economics and irrational decision making. Looking at consumer behaviour through the lens of System 1 or ‘fast, effortless, automatic and emotional thinking’ vs. System 2 or ‘slow, rational and conscious thinking’ allows us to unlock the biases of the human mind and understand how they influence not only decisions that consumers ‘say’ they make, but also the decisions that they actually make.

We use trends analysis before, during and after the research process to understand usage, attitudes and behaviours from a broader contextual standpoint. We look at consumer, market and cultural trends to better understand what is happening and the likely direction of travel. This allows us to deliver more meaningful research and recommendations, with a more rounded appreciation of the challenges and opportunities faced by our clients and their competitors.

How Mustard helped The Little Treats Bakery

Mustard has delivered U&A research for The Little Treats Bakery to help inform its planning for brand growth.

Discover how U&A can make a difference to your business

How U&A research helped Keolis win the Manchester Metrolink contract

Keolis partnered with Mustard to help improved local knowledge and get a more in-depth understanding of users’ and non-users’ experiences and perceptions of the Manchester Metrolink service.

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