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Sound bites

Video and film have a crucial role to play in research – in both the capture and dissemination of insight. Video vox pops are mostly used alongside other qualitative or quantitative research methods, delivering evidence in the form of impactful and engaging “sound-bytes” related to behaviours, perceptions, etc. Modern news reporting means people are familiar with the core format – short interview segments from filmed “intercept” interviews in the street, but they can also be undertaken after focus groups, within in-home interviews or hall tests. We are also increasingly making use of user-generated filmed content captured through online communities, online forums and our Pickles mobile app.

We ensure the outputs are grounded in insight, offering more meaning than flimsy stand-alone comments. In most cases this means supporting filmed footage with graphical overlays (be that data or message interpretation).

Video is also the cornerstone of our Shopper Insight Film – a qualitative method whereby we film shoppers then ask them to review the footage and provide voiceover commentary – getting us inside the head of consumers at the point of decision making. The Shopper Insight Film addresses many of the challenges associated with in-store research methods such as accompanied shops and observations.

  • Researchers can observe behaviour without interrupting the experience
  • Consumers can explain their behaviour without interference or influence
  • Clients can see and hear consumers first-hand (the power of hearing the explanations whilst seeing how they act within the environment)

We have also used this observational technique in contexts outside retail – for example helping clients understand website journeys / frustrations, or helping them to understand processes, challenges and frustrations associated with different workflows.

Self film

In an era where video content is more “norm” than exception, we have been using film and video in many different ways; capturing “evidence” from satisfied and dissatisfied customers within cSat programmes, video diaries within online communities, self-filmed “missions” using the Pickles app, summary films to help embed segmentations, and video observation / shopper insight films.

How video helped Knauf Insulation launch its Omnifit range

We  delivered insight that informed the development of Knauf’s marketing campaign to successfully launch an alternative glass mineral wool product.

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